The Marriage Psalm (READ Psalm 45)


Verse 1


The authorís heart, which author may have been David, was overflowing with a good matter. This good matter was the marriage of the King, that is, the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.


The author has much to say, as a man who is full of a matter. He is just ready to burst out with joy and praise concerning the wedding of Christ to His glorious bride, which is His Church.


Thus we can glean from this verse, that marriage in general is joyful and praiseworthy; especially when marriage is according to the will of God as described in the Word of God.


Verse 2


Wives should think of their husbands as very special. They ought to esteem them very highly in their hearts and minds. Of course, the husband ought to prove himself worthy of such high esteem from his wife.


Christ, Who is spoken of here in our text, truly is fairer than all the children of men, having been born among them, yet perfect in every way, and separate from their sins and sinful ways. Grace was poured into His lips. All His Words were full of truth, and blessing, and compassion, and mercy, and grace. Truly He is blessed of God forever!


Verse 3


Husbands need to be strong and courageous. The woman is the weaker vessel, and she needs and depends on the strength of her husband. He is her protector and provider, and therefore he needs to be strong in the Lord, and courageous to properly care for her.


Jesus, Who is spoken of here, is most Mighty and courageous. He wields the sword of the Word of God perfectly. He is the strength of His wife, which is His Church. He supports her and protects her in all things. Therefore He is most glorious and full of majesty.


Verse 4-5


Husbands need to be successful in their endeavors in order to care for their wives and family. To do this they need to possess the following qualities:


1). Truth: They need to be men of truth, and men of the book. They need to be truthful and honest in all their dealings in life.


2). Meekness and humility: A Husband must be meek and of a humble mind. He must not be proud and puffed up, thinking he is something when he is nothing. Even Jesus was meek and humble in spirit.


3). Righteousness: Husbands need to be men who are committed to doing right. They must deal uprightly with people, and do right and to live right, according to what Godís Word says is right!


As a man of truth, a good husband will defeat all of his enemies with the arrows of Godís truth, the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. He will be able to defeat the enemies of his family and of his household with truth and righteousness.


The Lord Jesus, who is the King spoken of in our text, was prosperous because of His truth, and meekness, and righteousness. His gospel went forth into all the earth. It has subdued millions of sinners over the centuries, and made them his friends and His saints.


And He will come again and subdue all of the kings and kingdoms of the earth, and make them His kingdom throughout all the earth.


Verses 6-7


A husband will have a successful place of leadership in the home is he rules in righteousness; if he rules according to the Bible, and what is right according to the Bible!


If he loves righteousness and hates wickedness, then he will have special favor from the Lord. Do you want to have a successful, God favored home, then show that you love righteousness by making the Bible the rule and guide of your household; and show that you hate wickedness by keeping Satan out of you home. Keep out ungodly TV programming and movies, and ungodly secular music, and ungodly internet and email content, which is Satanís number one route into American homes today.


The Lord Jesus was the perfect example of this. The result of His love for righteousness, and hatred for wickedness, was His exaltation above every other king, and above every other name that is named in Heaven or on the earth.


Verse 8


There is a sweetness that radiates from a man who has the divine anointing of God upon his life. And there is a richness about him, and there are rewards of joy and blessings upon his life for his devotedness and his faithful service to the Lord.


The Lord Jesus is the sweetest of all. Everything that Jesus ever did was a sweet aroma in the nostrils of God. And one day Jesus shall emerge from His ivory palaces, and His sweetness shall fill all of heaven when He comes forth as the Bridegroom to marry His bride, which is His Church.


Verse 9


The wife of the God fearing man is like a queen, and his brides maids are as the daughters of the King. He is most blest of the Lord, for God has given him of His best, the very one whom the Lord has chosen for him.


The Lord Jesus has been given His Church to be His bride. All those whom the Father has chosen for His Son to be His bride, He called by His grace, and gave it to them to be members of His Church. One day they shall be presented to Him as a glorious bride, that will abide with Him in New Jerusalem forever, and forever.


Verse 10


The wife ought to put her husband first in her life. She is to put her former life behind, and her family and friends, and devote her life to her husband. He is to be preeminent in her life. She is to serve him, as they serve the Lord together. She is no longer her own, but she now belongs to her husband; she is now committed to his will for her life.


The church, which is the bride of Christ, must forget their old life, and their old friends and associations in this world, and devote our their life to Jesus only. Jesus is to be preeminent in their lives. They are no longer their own, but now they belong to Jesus. They are to serve Jesus, and be committed to His will and not their own. They are to forget their old life, and live for the new.


Verse 11


The husband shall desire his wifeís beauty, because he is her lord, and her head. She therefore, needs to be beautiful for him. Not just outwardly, which is OK too, but more so inwardly with a pure and loving spirit, filled with the graces of the Spirit of God in her life. She is to reverence, and obey, and honor, and adore him.


Christ desires the beauty of His wife, the church. He doesnít desire the beauty of another. He is the Lord and Head of His Church. Therefore, His Church needs to make herself beautiful for Him. Not so much outwardly, but inwardly by purifying herself, and being filled with all the graces of the Spirit of God through the Word of God. She needs to reverence, and obey, and honor, and adore the Lord Jesus Christ, her husband.


Verse 12


The blessed bride of the godly, righteous husband, will be honored by her peers and friends. They will give her gifts and blessings. Even those of wealth and stature will seek her favor, and offer her their blessings.


The bride of Christ, among all the other virgins, among all the other churches, shall be honored on that glorious wedding day, when the bride of Christ shall be revealed. In that day all the saved by grace shall acknowledge the Lordís true New Testament Church, as the glorious bride of Christ, and shall give their honor unto her.


Verse 13


The bride to be is glorious within. Outwardly she may be plain; she may not possess vain outward beauty, but inwardly she is most beautiful. She may not have the most beautiful and expensive clothing, but inwardly her heart is clothed with ďthe hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.Ē Thus she is most beautiful to her godly husband, who looks not upon the outward beauty, but looks upon the heart.


And the bride of Christ is also glorious within. His Church may not be dressed in gold and scarlet as she humbly serves Him down here, but she is beautiful within. She is beautiful in her faith and doctrine, she is beautiful in her moral purity, and she is beautiful in her good works love and compassion towards those within and those without.


Verse 14-15


On her wedding day, the bride of the godly man shall be presented in a fine wedding garment. She is going to look beautiful. She will be accompanied with her brides maids, who are children of the King. And all the guests will praise her, and honor her for her beauty, and especially because she is the fortunate bride of a godly husband.


On the wedding day of the bride of Christ, which is his Church, she will be dressed in a special wedding gown; a gown that she has wrought by her own good works. In her special gown, she is going to look absolutely beautiful.


All of the guests at that wedding are going to praise her, and adore her, and honor her for her beauty, but most of all, because she is the chosen Bride of Christ.


They thought so little of her through the centuries of the church age. They mocked her, and slighted her, and made fun of her. They jeered her, and gave her no permanent dwelling place on the earth. But up their she shall be worshipped and honored, and given the dwelling place of New Jerusalem, where she and Jesus shall dwell together for all eternity.


Verse 16-17


This blessed bride will have children, and her children are going to be princes in the earth. God not only will bless the godly husband and his godly bride, but He will also bless their children, and make them servants over His kingdom. Oh, how we as servants of God, and godly parents who are blessed of the Lord with children, ought to desire that our children be used of the Lord in His Kingdom and in His Church! We ought to desire with all of our hearts for our children to be saved, and to be servants of the Lord in His Church.


The name of such a godly bride shall be remembered. Not, as the wicked, whose name shall be forgotten, but her name shall be remembered, and she shall be praised for generations to come; even forever in eternity.


The bride of Christ, His Church, shall have children. She shall be perpetuated through all the centuries of the Church age until Jesus comes again for her. And then, after their wedding day, she will return with Christ, and she will rule and reign with Him for a thousand years as princes throughout the earth. After this, in the eternal age, she will dwell with Him eternally in the City of God, New Jerusalem.


Her name will be remembered, and she will be praised forever and forever.