The Example of Christ


As we’ve said often times before, following Christ’s example will not save one’s soul. But those of us who are saved are expected to follow His example.  This evening we want to notice some ways that we are to follow Jesus’ example in the way that we live our lives.


Text:  1 Peter 2:21 


This verse does not mean that we are to follow in His steps literally.  We’re not to go over to the promised land and try to retrace the steps our Lord walked.  But this means that we are to follow the example of His life that He left us, as a pattern by which to live our lives in this world.


1.  His Example of Devotion to His Father's Will:


John 4:34;  John 6:38;  John 20:21 

(Commitment, dedication, determination, and zeal)


2.  His Example of Faithfulness to the House of God


Luke 4:16 

(There was a lot of things wrong with that “church”…His custom!)


3.  His Example of Prayer


Luke 6:12-13 

(Jesus prayed all night- often in the N.T. we find Jesus in prayer)


4.  His Example of Ministering to Lost Sinners:


Mark 2:15-17 

(If there is anywhere that we should follow Jesus, it is in ministering to the lost sinners around us)


5.  His Example of Holy Living:


1 Peter 2:22; Hebrews 4:15 

"Which of you convinceth me of sin?" (John 8:46)


6.  His Example of Suffering for Others:


1 Peter 2:21-25  (Text)

2 Timothy 3:12 

(Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.) 


Not many professing Christians are willing to suffer for Jesus and His cause. We are very comfortable in our plush little world. We don’t want to rock the boat. We don’t want to turn the world upside down, as the disciples did in their day. We don’t want to be whipped or put in prison for preaching the Gospel, or stoned and dragged out of the town and left for dead.





If we as God's people will strive to follow in His steps-- in greater…


1.  Devotion to His Will- "Lord what would thou have me to do?"

2.  Faithfulness to the house of God- attendance and the works of the church.

3.  Faithfulness in Prayer- especially for our church, and also for the lost in our community.

4.  Ministering to the lost in our community- taking the gospel them; giving

them a church paper; showing them that we love them are care about them.

5.  Living the best possible examples of holiness before the world to see-by our speech, our conduct, how we live, where we go and what we do.

6.  And suffering for the cause of Christ- willing to bear His reproach; willing to suffer reproach for the Gospel’s sake.


What things might the Lord do in our midst if we His people will resign ourselves to do these things?


We want our church to grow, and we want to see the blessings of God- May each one of us be we willing, beloved, to do our part to see these things happen!