Christ's Deity Displayed In Miracles


Texts:  John 14:11, 10:37-38, 5:36, 3:2



What is a miracle?  A miracle is a deliberate supernatural work of God.


The deity of Christ displayed through 4 types of miracles:


1.  Miracles of Creation:


John 2:6-10-  Turning water into wine

Matthew 14:17-20- Multiplying the fish and bread


2.  Miracles that defy the laws of nature:


Physical laws:

Matthew 8:23-26- stilling the storm

Matthew 14:23-26- walking on the sea


Biological laws:

Opening the eyes of the blind

Healing all manner of sickness

John 11:39-44- raising the dead


3.  Miracles that control and direct providence:


Luke 5:4-6- The draught of fish

Matthew 17:24-27- Coin for the temple tax in the fish's mouth

Matthew 8:23-25- Causing the storm


4.  Miracles that defy moral laws:


Luke 5:21-24- Only God can forgive sins!




Can you believe in Christ because of the mighty works that he did?


Do you know that the Lord is still working miracles?


Stilling the storms of our lives, healing all our diseases.


Controlling providence in the lives of His people.


Forgiving sins and saving sinners through the miraculous work of Calvary.


Creating new creatures in Christ Jesus.


Will yet create new heavens and new earth.



Come to Jesus now. Repent and believe on the Savior who still works miracles!


(Sermon preached by Pastor Burke at the Faith Baptist Church of Lawtey, Florida)