The Blessedness of Motherhood





Modernism and Motherhood- Today our modern generation doesn’t want to be tied down with motherhood and family responsibilities. Husbands and wives would much rather have their baby aborted, than to give birth, and raise up the fruit of their marriage to the glory of God. And when they do bare children, most would rather let others raise their children for them, so that they can continue their self-centered, self-ambitious lives.


Woman’s Lib and Motherhood- Today in light of the woman’s liberation movement, motherhood and child rearing is frowned upon as a life of bondage and a curse. Good, godly mothers are looked upon as second class citizens, because they devote their lives to caring for their husbands, and their children, and their households. “What is your occupation,” the God fearing mother is asked. She replies “I’m a house wife.” “Oh, I see, your JUST a house wife.”


Beloved, it doesn’t matter what the modernists and the woman’s lib advocates might say, to be a mother and a housewife, according to my Bible, is still the highest place of honor for a woman!


1. First this evening, God Ordained Motherhood.


The Institution of child bearing and motherhood (Genesis 1:26-28). This was God’s intention for mankind before their fall into sin.


The Institution of marriage (Genesis 2:21-24). Marriage is the God ordained institution through which mankind would fill or populate the earth. Again marriage and motherhood were instituted before the fall.


Lets notice just a few of the many examples of motherhood in the Scriptures.


Eve- Genesis 3:19-20. Eve means life, or living, because she is the mother of all living. This was a great honor given to Eve, even though through their sin in the garden of Eden, the entire human family was plunged into sin, and sorrow, and death. But regardless of what the atheistic, evolutionists say, Eve is the mother of every person ever born- Even the blacks, and the reds, and the yellows and the whites- yes, even the Lord Jesus (Gen. 3:15).


Sarah- Genesis 17:15-19; 18:9-15. Sarah was to be the mother of nations, especially the nation of Israel! Motherhood for her was one of great honor and favor with God!


Mary- Matthew 1:18-23; Luke 2:28-37. Mary was the most blessed of all women, for she bare the baby Lord Jesus Christ.


Elizabeth- Like Sarah, Elizabeth gave birth in her old age. Her child would be the first man on earth with the authority form Heaven to Baptize. He, of course, was John the baptist.


I wonder what you mothers here this evening, have given birth to? (Now, please don’t say that you’ve been wondering the same thing). Perhaps your children shall be the children of the great King through the new birth, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! Perhaps your child will be a great preacher, or the wife of a great preacher?


2. A Mother’s Responsibilities.


We want to notice 3 things here:


1. To “lend” their children to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:24-28).

            What a godly desire for a mother, to lend her child to the service of the Lord.


2. To teach their children the Holy Scriptures (2 Timothy 1:5; 3:14-16).

            This is certainly not only the mother’s responsibility, but in a family where the husband is

not saved, the mother may have to be the spiritual leader in the home.


3. To be keepers of their homes (Titus 2:3-5).

Mothers are to love and obey their husbands, and to love their children, and to be keepers of their homes.


3. A Mother’s Love for Her Children (Isaiah 49:15).


The implication here is that a mother’s love is the strongest natural human love. Yet even a mother’s love can fail her children.


I know of no greater natural love, than a mother’s love for her children. Notwithstanding, how many mothers today do we see, who fail in their love for their children. All you mothers tonight, godly love for your children will see to their spiritual provisions above everything else in life! Godly love will grieve and pray for their lost souls. Godly love will witness to them and live the Christian life before them, in hopes that God might be pleased to save their lost and needy souls.


Certainly, beloved, we all fail in our love for our children, fathers and mothers alike. But don’t let love utterly fail. Beloved, the love of God never fails, Paul said. When we fail, may we get back up again and ask God to forgive us, and to help us love our children like we should. If they are lost without Christ, they so desperately need for someone to love their eternal souls.


You children this evening who have godly mothers, I want you to know that there is no one on this earth who loves you like your mother loves you. I exhort you to honor your mother. Respect and obey her, for she loves and cares for your soul!


4. A Mother’s Broken Heart (John 19:25-27).


There is no broken heart so great, as the broken heart of a mother whose child is suffering or dying. We just can’t imagine the magnitude of Mary’s sorrow and grief for her Son that day, even though she knew that it was for her sins that He had to die.


What about a Christian mother’s broken heart for her son or daughter, who is lost without Christ, and might pass from this world into the eternal torments of the next world at any moment!


You children this evening, I want you to know that when you suffer, your mother suffers with you. When you hurt, your mother hurts with you. If you are lost without Christ, if you have a Christian mother, her heart aches for the salvation of you soul. You have no idea of her tears that flow, and her prayers that pour out to God for you.


5. A Mother’s Blessings.


Sarah (Genesis 21:1-7)- She truly became the mother of many nations, and the mother of the greatest nation on the face of the earth, the nation Israel.


Hannah- Hannah lent her son Samuel to the Lord, and as a result, Samuel was one of the greatest prophets that Israel and the world has ever known.


The virtuous woman of Proverbs (Proverbs 31:27-31)- The children of a virtuous woman, and housewife and mother, will rise up and call her blessed! Beloved, there are rewards and blessings for being a virtuous woman, and virtuous mother, in this life and the life to come.




Let the modernists and the women’s liberation advocates think and say what they will! It is God and His Word that we are to trust and obey. It is God that we are to believe and follow, not men.


Beloved, it is God who will honor and bless the mothers who fear the Lord, and endeavor to raise their children in accordance with “thus saith the Lord,” and not the teachings of our modern, God hating society.


You godly mothers, our hats go off to you this evening. We praise you and exult you for your “labour of love, and patience of hope” for your children, and for your husbands.


In the end, men will praise you for it, and more importantly, God will bless you for it!