Is There Not a Cause


(Read 1 Samuel 17:20-31)


--Explain story--


1)  The cause:


-the honor and glory of God

-the truth of God

-the people of God

-the purpose and plan of God


2)  The giant:


-formidable foe (Read vs.4-11)

     -awesome in countenance (vs. 4)

     -impenetrable armor (vs. 5-6)

     -powerful offensive (vs. 7)

     -fierce (vs. 10-11)

     -no hope of conquering in the strength of the flesh

     -hater and blasphemer of God

     -vile and brutal enemy of God's people

     -what is your giant?


We all have giants in our lives from time to time that stand in the way of:                      


     -the glory of God in our lives…

     -the cause of truth in our lives…

     -our stand for the people of God…

     -of our fulfillment of the plan and purpose of God in our lives…

     -what is your giant?


3)  The Service (What should we do?)


-support God's people (vs. 17-78)

-engage in the battle (vs. 19)

-fight the giants


4)  The Armor


-not another man's (vs. 38-40)

-not carnal (2 Cor. 10:3-5)

-the armor of God (esp. faith)


5)  The Battle


-the vulnerability of the giant (vs. 48-49)

-the fatal blow of faith (vs. 48-49)

-the host will flee (vs. 50-51)

-the victory is will be ours (vs. 52-53)

-the battle is the Lord's (vs. 47)

     -sure to have the victory if we are willing to fight!!!


Conclusion---  Is there not a cause???


(Sermon preached by Pastor Burke at the Faith Baptist Church of Lawtey, Florida)