Live in the light of the next world


(Copied from an email forward)

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon, "Overwhelming Obligations", #910

How did you serve Satan before you were converted, not sparing body or soul to enjoy the pleasures of sin.  Oh, with what zest, with what fervor and force and vehemence did many of you dance to the tune of the devil's music!

I wish you would serve God half as well as some of the devil's servants serve him.

What? Now you have a new Friend, a new Lover, a new Husband: shall He ever look you in the face and say, "You do not love Me so well as you did love the world. You were never weary of serving the world, but you soon get weary of serving Me"?

O my poor heart, wake up! Wake up!

What are you doing, to have served sin at such a rate, and then to serve Christ so little?

Dear friends, how do you think such service as you have rendered will look when you come to see it by the light of eternity?

Oh, nothing of life will be worth having lived, when we come to die, except that part of it which was devoted and consecrated to Christ.

Live, then, with your deathbeds in immediate prospect. Live in the light of the next world
so that your pulse will be quickened, and your heart excited in the Master's service!